Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April 2017

Tonight is the final night of April. Unbelievable. This month we wrapped up our second year of CC. I am super happy we have field trips the next few weeks with CC'ers so it's not quite goodbye for the summer yet. How do I feel about being almost done with my second year of homeschooling? I'm not sure how to feel about it. I feel great about my job tutoring. It was not always the easiest but having to be prepared and enthusiastic was very good for me. It certainly kept me "in tune" with it and hopefully I will be able to manage Blake's essentials next year pretty well while having to focus more on Challenge with Trinity. We started the month off with a visit from Mom and Dad. We painted the shutters on the front and completely ripped out the front bed which had plantings I never liked. Bought myself a fountain for the front so you have something to look at until the plants mature some. A newly installed front and back sprinkler system was much needed so now we are waiting for the grass to grow back in from where they dug up the yard to lay pipes. Solar panels on the roof round out our spring renovations. We went to Makers Night at the museum of flight which allowed us to become part of the "connections" program which means we get free memberships for the kids until they are 18. It was a great night full of science. Isaac was sick a few karate lessons so we spent the time at barns and noble and found lots of narwhal books for Shelley's new baby on the way. We had an amazing Good Friday service and I actually skipped Easter services to spend time with family. Just a simple run around the backyard for eggs and a visit with Trudy, Mike, and William. At our CC final day we enjoyed seeing if our egg protecting contraptions worked. We had a little extra help from the North Bend fire depart. At our year end celebration the kids gave their presentations on their faces of history characters. Trinity was Martin Luther and Blake was Pope Leo the tenth (who excommunicated Luther - -  -insert eye roll). The month was finished up with a homeschool mom ladies night that went into the wee hours of the morning, a moving tribute and memorial to Rian Fiske - a dearly missed friend, and a wild Nerf birthday party for the neighbor boy. Emotions were up and down this month. There was a lot of extra stress for me this spring. It's been interesting to have to retreat a little to handle it and realize that I really need to carve out some quiet time to self assess. I'm so thankful the Lord is feeling near even though my emotions are not the happy high I usually run on. Just some growing pains I hope.

maker's night museum of flight

mom and dad and our walk to the falls

 look shelly!

 under the weather day at barnes and noble


 excited much?

egg drop day

CC essentials/foundations "graduates"

Asher's nerf party