Tuesday, November 15, 2016

October 2016

Honestly not sure what to write about October. Just a busy month. Made some decisions about the remodel, school and all the extracurricular(s), halloween, yeah all that. Wish I had something profound or funny to share but I'm just going to put the pictures up. 

 just one example of my boards that I prepare each week with the main points of the lesson
 I voted!
 we sent Janis off to paris in style, well except for the star trek creeper. HAHAHA
 the kids chose their owns costumes. he wanted the mask and hammer and I told him I wasn't buying anything else that was his costume budget so superman cape he already had and pajama pants completed the outfit.

 it was just us this year but we stopped in at the neighbors for grub after (thanks heather and jeffrey)

 their favorite always has full-size candy bars

 their pumpkins

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sept 2016

Okay so now that it's almost halfway through October I'm hopping on to update everyone on September. September was a packed month! First off we headed to my sister's in order to attend my Nana's 90th birthday party. It was just a wonderful time. We put on a full concert for her with songs from every decade. It's all she asked for and we delivered! There were tears in her eyes half the night and I just hope she came away from it knowing how tremendously loved and special she is. It is SO HARD to have both grandmothers in Arizona away from all of us. I worry that we won't get to say goodbye. I'm so thankful for their faith in Jesus that gives me hope to see them in the future. After that wonderful even it was time to rush home and get ready for school to start. The first two weeks were interesting. I'd say 70% was behavior modification and 30% was education. It's a learning curve to have all three at home for sure. I'm grateful for the curriculum choices I made. Math solely on the computer for each of them and a science that we can all do together with varying levels of difficulty in the questions asked at the end of every lesson. I have actually really enjoyed tutoring Essentials. I think it might be my jam. There aren't many things that make me happier than improving a child's writing and seeing their happy faces after they have read a freshly written composition to the class with confidence.  We made it to the fair on a gorgeous fall day. Isaac hadn't been since he was barely two so it was big difference to take him at five. He had a ton of fun going on some of the rides and petting the animals in the petting zoo. Of course the highlight of their day there is the same as daddies, food and treats. We made plans to begin the lower level remodel in November which meant we picked and ordered our flooring!!! I also chose my tile for my kitchen backsplash and settled on what frame for the new fireplace. At the end of the month I managed to get the kids and Jer into town for FAMILY PHOTOS. Yes you read that right. After four years we finally and for the first time got a real family photo session done by a wonderful photographer named Kailee Powers. Hmmm what else did we do in September? Blake began his piano lessons and Trinity began voice and the girls' choir. She dropped parkour but Blake still takes it and we are back in swimming which is so good for them! Also she is back in girl scouts. September was a truly difficult month with Trin's anxiety. We kept bringing her before the Lord and I have peace about the path we are on for treatment. I will jump a little into October just to say that it reached a point it called for a mommy intervention so I got on the phone and clarified some stuff with her doc and she is trying a new med and we have seen a vast improvement!  Thanking the Lord for His good timing as we were all at our wits end. A silly little thing I began on instagram was my wise old owl hashtag. Ray and Sue gave me an owl shaped mug and he is so cute I started using him as a regular prop and he gets his own instagrams. Lol, who doesn't need a wise little owl in their life?? Really though since starting school I am at max capacity. It seems like in order to get tutoring and I-90 stuff ready I have to be super careful with my time and that means I haven't read hardly a page of any book I had begun since September began. Sigh. I'm hoping now that things are getting a little more routine I can carve out time. Oh and I began a once a month voice lesson with this crazy pop/gospel lady who cracks me up and teaches things pretty much exact opposite of my classical training. Trying to incorporate both (because it works!) without ruining my classical technique. Eek.

 first day of CC

 Our summer through fall read alouds

 fall playtime
 trin got greens streaks for the start of school

 some of the stuff I dealt with this month, calling the fridge dudes because my brand new fridge is getting rust spots. Good news is I get all new doors this week.
 we are getting the flooring on the right.

 Happy 90th Nana!

 Trinity had an absessed molar pulled

 blowing these up so you can see the picture of my Nana young =)
 flooring again

 sisters new puppy

 oh yes we tried Molly Moons. $$$$

 Blake picked up these panda earmuffs.

 I'm only adding this because I was in the aisle at target and Isaac pipes up, "Mom, get in the picture!" Lol, Big sister must have showed him how to take selfies. 

 My amachi that recently moved to the Spokane area with my Aunt Nicole yay!
 my favorite new shirt for Isaac

 Isaac draws the continents

 striking lady, my nana