Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday Housewalk

So there is this trend in blogging that is called housewalks. Basically for a given number of days you do a virtual "tour" of homes decorated for whatever season is upcoming. My sister and I have followed Jennifer Rizzo's for several years now. It's funny because the internet would have me believe like thousands of people view these things but I noticed the comments were mostly the participants! lol. So anyway, I'm just so enjoying our home after all the renovating that I thought I'd do a brief little tour of my own, at least for the downstairs. I also think ONE house probably doesn't count as a housewalk. More of a room-walk.Of course I don't edit the photos at all because I don't know how to do that AND I'm no trained photographer bit I figured you could at least get an idea. I come by my Christmas decorating honestly from my mother, who decorates her home better than a store each year and I don't truly feel like it's Christmas until I step inside her door. It is a blessing and gift to have loving, peaceful memories of my youth and holiday happenings this season. I know it is not so for all of my friends. So I guess sit back and relax and enjoy my holiday living room, -oh man this is more awkward than I expected - Lol  HEY If any of my personal friends want to link to a similar post of their own home I will happily do that. . .what do you think sister? Lynne? Heather?
Of course we have to start with my favorite thing ever, my vintage ornament wreath on the front door. The door color is called Chance of Showers by Bher BTW. Apparently people link these products and the companies sponsor them or send them product or whatever. I guess I have to buy all of my stuff. HAHAHA 

The stackstone was done earlier this year and finishes the space nicely, eventually something may go up above the fireplace but for now we are content and the bookshelves give occasion to change details out now and then. Rug is West Elm, coffee table is from Leathers.

A beautiful chance to take a moment with my advent book and I had to show off the results of our church's ladies event: Sign and Dine. Isn't it cute? Vinyl stencil with gold paint on ply-board.
I'm sure the yellow lighting from this photo could be improved. If I knew how. My reclaimed bookshelves look black but they are a weathered grey. My mom made the paper chain from old hymnals. The edges are glittered and its so light and pretty. The plant pots tucked into the bookshelf have rhinestones set in them. The ornaments I bought clearance at Hobby Lobby end of season. The paper chain hung far enough over the glass that I couldn't display much I actually wanted "seen" but the pots add the perfect sparkle and Christmas Spirit. 

 More and more I am foregoing knickknacks for fresh flowers. Poinsettias are perfect because they don't fade like a bouquet and there are so many varieties these days. I always pick up a few at Molbaks the weekend after Thanksgiving to enjoy for the whole season. This is just a little guy but the white jumps out of the dark cabinet.
Two years ago at Target they had these hipster/fairytale critter figures. Like a felt sprayed over a plastic mold I think. I just couldn't resist the deer with their Christmas outfits. I have a Mr. Fox on the shelf across the room.
The coffee table gets a coloring book that all visitors are welcome to make their mark in. An interactive moment is so nice in the coming and goings that happen more frequently this time of year.

Two nice moments in the bookshelf to the left of the fireplace are the Christmas succulents I placed in front of my book ends and the beautiful, bold silk poinsettia and silver votive on a stack of magazines I got on our local buy nothing site. The deer is a vibrant fuschia and has christmas lights twined around his antlers. The metal snowflakes add that rustic moment and I love the recently purchased houseplant that just lights up that corner with it's variegated leaves.

 The tree shot is also truly horrible. It's just such. a. cute. tree. and it's BLACK. I know, it's crazy, but I tuck buffalo snow into the branches and its such a "snowy" moment. This year I got a little crazy and added tinsel. It's positively dripping. Of course the kids have all of their ornaments on there but since we've always loved and purchased mostly glass blown ornaments for them it usually looks pretty sophisticated. I mean for a tree with 11 hello kitty ornaments. . . .you can see the rest of the ornaments I bought on clearance and I'm always amazed at how much the small black ornaments really pop. I've included a picture of the ornament my sister gave me for hosting them for thanksgiving this year.

Here is a quick look at the vignette on my IKEA tv stand. A hot pink poinsettia, a Swedish sparkly Santa I purchased at a favorite gift shop now closed in Ellensburg, WA. and a home-made snowglobe Isaac made me in preschool with a tiny tree inside. I adore it. Again the pink is totally washed out. sigh.
Last but not least before we turn to the kitchen is a decorative plate I've had since I was a child. I was TOTALLY into the artist Jody Bergsma when I was young. Her whimsical character with their large eyes, and the wild creatures she paired them with. This plate of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus just warms my heart and is one of several childhood pieces I put up every year without fail.

Christmas in the kitchen is actually pretty simple, three chocoalte advent calendars add whimsy around the L shaped counter, a pinkish/coral poinsettia sits in the corner with a vinatge glass house and MR amd Ms Claus candle set. I suppose a real photographer would have moved the batter charger! the "ice block" on the fridge was a craft my mom had made years ago that used to have a ribbon around it so it looked like a gift. I don't remember the exact story but I remember the ribbon burned off. Oops. My Spode water pitcher and Old World Christmas display "tree" sit up there as well. I took one close of the detail of those tiny ornaments but I wish I had a picture of each. They are all sparkly and unique. A train shape, a stocking, a wreath, snowflake, and different images painted on each. Truly beautiful collectibles that can be got for a song at their factory in Spokane Wa.

the table is a mess but we were mid-decorating. I was inspired by another artist-blogger that put a bunch of geometric ornaments into her chandelier and it looked so cute and fun that I hung a cluster of ornaments and used pipe cleaners to add the fun. It's a little silly and juvenile but also joyful and colorful. I love it.
a slightly picked up shot. Still a few school things on the table. The Spode serving bowl holds plush snowballs for the impromptu indoor snowball (many and often) and our Childrens advent cards from She reads Truth. The two red ombre tinsel trees were clearence from Home Goods. I obsessed over them and couldn't believe there were TWO still left post Christmas. They are a highlight each year with there festive minimalism. I wish you could see my smokey blue Ikea chairs a little better but oh well. Final touches for this room in the future are hopefully a frosted glass whiteboard on the left wall and a black sputnik globe chandelier I have my eye on. the table on the right was made by my Uncle Jim who has passed on and was our main dining table in our first apartment.
 The front room windowsills have some of my childhood favorites. The bears mom gave me the first year we were married. She divided up some of the favorite and I was so pleased to get them. I remember putting them out each year. The red candles light up with a shake and cast a lovely warm glow.

 This musicbox is the final childhood piece you will find in this post. The jack-in-the-box moves up and down to the song toyland. The kids love to twist it and let it play.  He gets stuck occasionally and I love that.
 A slightly closer look at the Ombre tree complete with dark red pot. 
 Another thing I love is all the cute little pieces of art my mom has made me over the years. I have two not displayed this year but they will be rotation again someday. She made the sign above and the pine branch below on the table.
 Our traditional Christmas puzzle. This year I chickened out and we are completing a 500 piece instead of a 1,000 piece like the last two years. 
 So I know we don't have a chimney to hang our stocking by and I always have this bare stretch of wall so while it's not high end I still love the charm our family stocking bring to the dining room.
 And here we have the last poinsettia on display. . .um are you sensing a them with the rhinestone pots?? Also, if your child has not yet been introduced to the Scaredy Squirrel series they are very funny and worth a look.
The last glimpse of the downstairs is our piano corner by the front door. Just a small nativity and two more silk flowers that pull the colors of my FAV artwork. I found the painting in an antique store and my mom watercolored the Whippet. There you have it! I hope you liked getting a glimpse of our home ready for the Holidays. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

November 2018

November isn't quite over but I think I will lump the last week into December's post. It's been a really interesting month for me personally. Lots of self-reflection and working on some areas where I could use more freedom. Had a really good series at church about Victory in our lives and actually READ a book that challenged how I approach the church body. You know I don't go really deep on this blog anymore as I was convicted a few years ago about letting my kid's story be their to tell, and with Trinity being almost fifteen while I don't regret that choice I will say I have chaffed a little bit over having to curb my natural inclination to bear all in writing. I keep a journal now for my own and my children's tracking of our mental and emotional well-being but it doesn't allow room for all the thoughts in my head so I opened an account on the online journal site Penzu but of course I'm terrible about making use of it and I don't like how all the entries seem so disconnected. You can't just turn pages like in a paper journal (which I also fail at whenever I try). As usual, I have my Advent study from She Reads Truth to help me be mindful through the season. I'm so excited to get to it next week, I haven't been doing any particular studies this year in the Word and boy do I feel it. Also personally convicted that we listen to more Christian music in the house, it was such a huge part of my faith building as a child. Isaac is still taking his swim lessons but has joined the homeschool group. Blake's winter basketball rec season is coming up, and Trinity is doing REALLY well in her trumpet lessons. Blake continues in piano and Jeremy is itching to get Isaac going on the piano as well since he has a really great ear for picking out melodies. The kids have been preparing for Market Day at CC. It's the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving so this month it is still in November. Trinity made wreaths with moss we gathered from the forest. They are so pretty! I spent two hours eyeing the fireplace wall for all the silverfish that came out of the wood as it dried and sucked them up one by one as they appeared on the lighter colored stack stone. Talk about crafting #reality versus the Pinterest version, lol! Blake baked sugar cookies (not very tasty but I'm pretty sure kids don't care). The cousins are here for the week and helped him frost them. There is a ton and the whole thing was completely run by the kids so well done! The highlight of the month is FIRST, how long my sister and her family got to stay and SECOND that my brother drove them over so that he and Nat and I could go to the NEWBOYS reunion concert. When Peter Furler came on stage we went wild. Talk about reliving your youth. It was super fun. I will of course link a ton of videos because it. was. awesome. I had my sister grab some family snapshots so we could make some shutterfly cards for the first time. Took the kids to see the new Grinch movie. Very cute. I also hosted a fun worship team building night where we laughed A LOT over 90's trivia and the last few pictures are of a gift store that I have driven past a million times and it looks so "hippe" that I've avoided it figuring it was a pothead selling agates or something but turns out its the most beautiful high end home decor stuffed into a dingy cabin you will ever find. Blake wanted this $85 cowboy had sooooo bad. Wannabe Tim McGraw I think. . . and I don't even listen to country but he sure is adorable. Blake not Tim. =) Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family I can't be with. I love and miss you all. 

 we needed pinecones for the wreaths so when a tree had fallen partly over the road from a wind storm I pulled over and busted two huge branches off and threw them in the van!

Trinity got sassy with me so her chore was to remove all the pinecones from the brances lol. Even after the wreaths we could do a few more entirely of pinecones I think.
 The kids and I got to see Matilda with our dear friend Evangeline Opong-Parry having a starring role. Blake loves this movie and was not familiar with the broadway version. The man who played Mrs. Trunchbull was perfection. We had a great time although Isaac was DONE by the end. A three hour show and we didn't get out until 10:30. .  .super proud of how well-behaved they all were. Great show!
 Phil Joel's band opened

 forest floor. . . .
 Trinity bought herself a digital drawing pad
 results of our sparkly unicorn facemasks 
 first attempt