Monday, July 31, 2017

July 2017

July was a good month. Lot's of family time, a very special 13th birthday, and some actual sunshine!

 Isaac's new thing this summer is blueberries. He was delighted to find you could pick them at our friends house!

 camo shorts and grey shirts twinsies

 goofin' around

 oh my. too big of shirts are trouble on this one. He just plays with it!

trinity added a lizard to her birthday hat. of course.

Trinity found a rough tailed newt and she named it coyote.

if you look at the left of the middle snowfield (probably have to zoom) you will see some hikers that were summit-ting mount Daniel.

This is Cathedral Rock
oh you know, just lunch off the Pacific Crest Trail.

silly selfies in front of Cathredral Rock

pumping water into the filter. all, weekend.

the beautiful squaw lake
haven't worn this pack in about twenty years

time at the river is always welcome

thanks for the color party Isabella!
I still love that this is in my backyard

Jim Henson
This was such a great exhibit. Just enough interactive portions for the kids and a whole lot of great memories for me

and he's out.

fish catching at the river
There has been a whole lot of this in July.

laser tag
Blake expertly launches an angry bird

the angry birds playing field

fun with out friends Naomi and Aiden Pena

on clear days at the top of our neighborhood you can get a glimpse of Mt. Rainier

super duper fourth of July fun