Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mom and Dad visit the EMP and Chihuly Glass and Garden

Happy 67th birthday Dad so glad you spent it here!
trying to hold the chihuly
proving to blake I can't get back far enough to be taller than it
still trying to find the right angle

mom was determined to experience the exhibit from very angle, blake joined in

Dad loved the Golden Elevators on the needle
Atlas pose

Isaac got dragged in

I ran mom and dad through the fairytale section of the EMP to see the Lord of the Rings and Princess Bride stuff, the kids liked the metal tree trunk

fun at the park outside the EMP

these are from the world of wearable art exhibit. yes these clothes actually went down a runway

blake was obsessed with this little display that was simply showing you how different lights affect the exhibits
this  piece is mostly felt
WARNING: a lot of these pictures are for my sister-in-law Mishael who went to school for saddlery

the chastity belt. don't think you'd need it with armor like that on

made of wood

the EMP is  set up with a lot of little sound studios where you can either play guitar, drums, or sing vocals. the kids love the vocal booths because it can do funny things with your voice. Isaac laughed his head off!

a drum table
nintendo wall