Friday, October 20, 2017

September 2017

Keeping in mind this is still October so a review of September. We kicked Challenge off and it's officially up and running. I pray fervently that we can continue the Challenge program all the way through the next five years. It's such a food fit for Trinity and if I can really get my butt in gear there may be a way to get her college credit like running start without actually sending her to college through cc+ so that's the goal but there is still a lot I have to learn about it and I have not kept transcripts yet so that is an added learning curve. Of course we took the kids to the fair. Ashley (jeremy's half sister) got married. Trin started up girlscouts again and choir. We are still paid up at Karate through the end of November. I just don't know what we will do after that becuase Trinity is too old to be in the same hour as the boys and I just can't do two night a week in Issaquah with an hour between their lessons. nor will I give up every satruday morning basically ALL morning. So as much as I love Karate new extra-curriculars may have to be found. September has been a month of learning how much I can stretch. What boundaries I need to keep for my sanity but also what God is calling me to that is sacrificial in the best way, for His glory. 

 first day of school! for the boys, Trin has been in two weeks already

 dissections are not for the faint of heart. we do a turtle in a few weeks. eek.
 I try really hard to incorporate games for the kids in Challenge. Its such a better way to review than pure recitation.

 took my friend rebecca McGee and her little one Kelsey out to The Old Cannery, my favorite furniture store. We had a great day!
 This month was a lot about helping others. Meals are always a great way to help. 
 Latin, latin, latin what a priviledge to be learning a language at my age. lol. It's challenging but I know oh so good for the grey matter. 

 Jeremy's sister GOT MARRIED!!!!!!
It was a beautiful evening and a wonderful celebration.

 and of course, the piggies at the fair! 

 a shiny brite tree for Nat. 
 cool knit stuf for Lynne'
 this cost me $15 but LOOK AT THAT FACE

 Jer's favorite ride

 he gets Blake to go with him now =)

 just. what? wow.

 cutie in karate
I'm sorry but there is no way I have an eigth grader

 our first day of Challenge A. Go us!
fires were awful in montana and oregon this year. one morning I woke up and smoke was just streaming in through the valleys. My heart goes out to all who have lost property and especially to those who have lost loved ones. Now California is ablaze. Prayers.