Saturday, May 5, 2018

April pt. 2 - the makeover begins

The second half of April included MUCH time prepping blue books and wrapping up the rest of our CC stuff. The older kids chose to push through so they could be done at the same time as the younger kids and they accomplished it so well done Challenge A. Stay tuned for vids from the end of year celebration in May! The weathers have been here off and on for two weeks at the end of April getting all of our house work going. The first time was the infamous good friday weekend where the kids got sick and blake broke his wrist, luckily they bailed the same day and so neither of the suffered the kids fate. They returned the next week to begin the bathrooms in earnest. So far it's looking great. We can't wait for the transformation to be complete. It's not easy to have everything lined up for bathroom renos, they require planning and correct timing. I've become the amazon MAVEN getting all the plumbing parts and trim here. Several trips back and forth to Redmond and Issaquah in the same day for tile and items from the Kholer store. Calling quartz places, glass places, plumbers. It's been quite the learning curve. I can now see some design things that I would have changed a little if I'd understood more about the process but overall I'm loving everything and I think it will turn out great. Looking forward to the big reveal. Other than that the month has been much of the usual, school, church, etc. SORRY but the pics loaded newest to oldest so you might want to go the the bottom first and scroll up. *insert eye roll
vanity top and mirror gone
the contractors. lol, my buddies. tub surround built!
piles of boxes of plumbing stuff in my room!

starting to take shape!
bathtub out.
no walking here
getting somewhere
someday he won't fit this dino outfit and come downstairs at random times in it and I will be sad.
gian hole in wall, toilet in shower, dtra in floor heating (except we aren't using that aspect in the kids bath but DEFINITELY in ours), its still a great underlay for tile.

floor tile lined up and ready to go
silly boy stuffed himself inside a pillowcase with the pillow still in it!
I'm trying out drip coffee. So far I like it but I've found I'm quite picky on what coffee I drink now so there is like five bags of coffee in my cabinet.
we had to host Challenge at my house for two weeks but it was really fun and nice to change the pace.
Bye bye old carpeted bathroom. see that wall behind the door? gone!

see the wall on the shower pushed in from the closet side? Opened up!
tile going away for quartz on vanity and tub surround

subtle color change but it removes this blush shade I wasn't a fan of.

out goes this vanity and in goes a double.
the tile plan 
large format is for floor in both bathrooms
white subway for shower - grey subway for shower 
hex on floor of shower.
the new blinds. I feel like I already posted this but I love them so much I'm cool with reposting.

watermelon wrist
Very presidential Abe
Abraham Lincoln for our faces of history project
Trinity was not to be outdone by Blake's hat so she use the cheap one that came with his beard.

Monday, April 23, 2018

April pt. 1 2018 (PASSOVER)

So I'm just going to throw the pictures of Passover on here. It was so sad when Isaac got sick Friday the eve of our event. However life has a way of throwing curve balls so I decided to make the best of it. I was so grateful that Jeremy was able to watch him so I could still fulfill all of my responsibilities. I think the kids had the most fun playing musical chairs while we sang "go Down Moses". It was such a delight to join with friends again to celebrate Passover. To look across the room at the kids I grew up sitting with their significant others and children warmed my heart. There aren't many families that have such history and I love that we care about each other just as much today as we did when we were the age our children are now. This is why tradition is such a beautiful thing. It is so unifying to steep yourself in remembrances that are joyful and life affirming. Life is rarely perfect. I missed that my brother also was under the weather and unable to make it. Still I felt overall that we were very blessed and I'm so thankful to the Tyler's for continuing their family traditions and allowing us to be part of it this year. While I didn't get pictures of everybody - Happy Passover 2018 
 Blake's burning bush plate lol
Isaac got second place for his "plague of flies" plate 

 Matsah cake my moms favorite
 action shot!