Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dallas and the Fourth of July - 2018

It was so great to see our friends the Donathons! Since they moved I've visited them every other year slowly adding family members until this trip where I got to take everyone! Jeremy had a great time catching up with Cliff and it sooo nice to get my Hannah itch scratched.  We did a trolly tour of Dallas, Fire-works (twice because the first night was canceled due to high winds ((that's what you get for celebrating Independence Day on the THIRD lol)) ), Jeremy golfed, I got a pedicure, we drove around some higher end hoods to check out the bang for your buck, we got in multiple rounds of SEQUENCE (I was the only factor on every winning team - oh yeah) and we spent a ton of time at the pool and feeding our faces at local hot spots (Motor and Maple from Triple D's, Tender BBQ, and Babes Chicken) I only gained three pounds i'm counting that a victory. Oh and I hit every shaved ice place in Texas, oh yeah and we went to magnolia market and table. I just threw the pictures on here and just wanted to reiterate  what a great time we had. I'm grateful for friends that know us so well and love us so well that you fall back in just like old times when we see each other. Back home and at work on the Fiske Family Reno and CC preparations! hosting a worship team BBQ Friday and getting ready for some fun things like Trinity's reptile awareness booth and the North Bend block party.

 the aquarium. one of my favorites.

 poor hannah was dealing with a nasty contusion after a bull stomped on her. You know - when she rode an actual bull.

 we should have hopped off the tour to take more pictures because these were pretty cool and the two cowboys on horses that you can't see were just massive.
 the largest bronze set of statues in the states

 I know the quote is a little hard to read but I'm pretty in love with it. 

 I thought Isaac would panic the minute the plastic enveloped him but he LOVED it. 

 at least we got to peek in
 this is how she felt to be turned away after a two hour drive. 

 more shaved ice
 tuck. erd. out.
 Maple and motor, BABY!