Monday, April 3, 2017

March 2017

Okay, March catch-up starting with pictures! I guess I should say ONLY in pictures. Boom. Done.

just goofin around looking all grown up. No big deal.
Blake was trying to avoid the schoolwork.
The kids are enjoying Karate and passed their belt tests with flying colors

my story off Rian will be shared at his memorial but suffice it to say that loosing Rian Fiske to cancer will make this month an update I won't every forget. Being at a deathbed is not something you take lightly and it was a sorrowful joy to minister to the family in their day of loss. I am looking forward to continuing to be there for them in any way I am able.
Wai Lana! hahahahaha
Our comet cloud
lots of flowers were needed this March. . .

someone discovered this costume now fits

Just a few pictures of my time at the Fiske house on the morning of Rian's passing. 

 I told him to look "serious"

Fun times with fam at MoPop
 beautiful light on a random afternoon
 back to the MoPop

 sensei ken runs the show. 

Nat and Daniel came for a visit and we had the best time at the MoPop. Daniel really liked the sci-fi section and the kids couldn't get enough of the music area and this weird game in the indie games section that four of them could play at a time. I love how much fun the cousins have together. 
What else is important about March? The Bulldogs made it to the Final Four. whoot!