Saturday, June 17, 2017

June pt. 1

It was so nice to get away right after the school stuff ended! It has been one of the greyest spring on record here in the pacific northwest and I was needing me some vitamin D pretty bad. So I accomplished a trifecta - somewhere for the kids, time away for Jer and I, and all three birthdays (jer's Isaac's and Mine) getting the attention they deserve. Whew! Jeremy had a great time at his first World Series of Poker experience. I'm betting it won't be his last. He turned forty at the poker table, lol! I love that I was truly on my own with "responsibilities". How do we get so weighed down with care day in and day out? I mean I know I shouldn't minimize what I go through on the average day but as Raffi recently reminded me (thanks roadtrip kid music) . . ."all I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family" This time away allowed me to just have a breather and I really needed it. Plus time with my mom and sister always perks me up. Isaac's birthday was spent in a flurry of fun. Lunch at one of our favorite Spokane joints ZIPS, splash park time, then mini-golf and arcade. So fun! Can't believe my baby is seven. I'm happy and sad about it. Loving his sense of humor these days, that he enjoy coming up with his own jokes, and that his personality is really starting to show in his conversation and interjections. His favorite things at this age are screens of course but if I had to pick something else it would probably be Garfield books. After his birthday it was time for mine so Jeremy my saintly man watched six kids and five dogs (not kidding) for the entire day so we could run around to a bunch of fun antique stores. I believe you may have already heard about my score but if social media isn't your thing I bought a beautiful piece of art for a real steal from a contemporary impressionist oil painter named Mike Wise from Whidby Island. I'm in love, it's currently hung over my piano. It makes my little art-loving heart pitter-patter. Immediately following this epic shopping day was a game night for my honey. He loves nothing more than playing with friends so Zack and Mishael who were both not feeling great (BLESS YOU) hosted some friends and some pretty epic Boggle was played until the wee hours of the morning. Trinity was baptized with two of her cousins - for sure the highlight of the trip for me. What a great way to start the summer!

 Vegas Nails
 We have been watching a lot of diners, drive throughs, and dives so this only seemed appropriate for our first meal in Vegas.

 I took Jer on the "high roller", one of the tallest ferris wheels in the U.S. He hates heights but he did fine since the pods were so large. I was kind of hoping he would freak out more lol! He did NOT enjoy looking straight down though. 
 all the high end shopping. . .I wouldn't even know what to do in those stores. The most expensive I got was the %60 off rack at GUESS, but I still had fun.

 decided to hoof it from the strip over to the RIO. HOT! Arrived just as Jer finished up his tournament so got to walk around and see all the World Series of Poker action!

 On Monday, Randy took us out to eat and we hit the lake. It was uh-mazing. Got to see the backside of the Hoover dam as well. Saw my sister in law Mishael who was visiting her sister Kelly who lives in Vegas.

 birthday party prep
 remodeled ZIPS. So. Good.

 lunch out followed by water park

 followed by arcade and mini-golf

 followed by presents and serious "dab" birthday action
 just a little "creature" isaac came up with

two of the game night partakers and their tiny bloody mary's. =)